The worst remake of Hollywood movies

It is common in the world of books and novels to be exposed to a new edition or edition of a single book every period of time, but if you try to say this to the fans of cinema, you will encounter a backlash, especially if you touch one of their favorite movies, and while

10 famous drama movies that you must watch now

The magic of cinema… We have often heard this sentence and thought it only lies in those breathtaking scenes of cinema films, which tell about the myths and fairy tales of the heroes of good who triumphed over evil, but over time we realized that the true magic of cinema comes from its reality, especially

The best Asian series you can ever watch

If you are a fan of Asian series we will give you a fatty meal of the most important and best Asian series ever produced, it combines comedy and romance with a grainy mix between oriental traditions and western openness with a lot of strongly influential situations. Best Asian Series Just You A 2013 Taiwanese